Why your next Privacy Filter should be a PrivacyDevil Privacy Filter not a 3M Privacy Filter

July 03, 2017

Why your next Privacy Filter should be a PrivacyDevil Privacy Filter not a 3M Privacy Filter

Buying a 3M Privacy Filter? Think again. Here's why:

You're subsidizing greedy corporate fat cats. 3M Spent 250 Million Dollars thats $250,000,000 just upgrading their jets (guess the previous private jets went out of fashion). Look at all those zeroes. Two Hundred and Fifty Million dollars. Think about it.

So while you're all squashed up in an economy, environmentally friendly clown car the CEO of 3M goes jetting about spewing carbon all over the planet. Laughing and smirking at you. 


These corporate jet kind are the kind of guys that rub it in your face. That kick sand in your face at the beach and elbow you aside like you're a piece of trash. These are the kind of people who travel with Louis Vuitton luggage and smirk at you. These were the jocks and wasps in high school that pushed you aside and got all popular. These are the jerks that don't care about the "little people" to them you're just a "little person". 


Go ahead and check out a pic of their Private Jet. One that you will NEVER be invited to. One that you are paying for by getting ripped off when you buy a 3M Privacy Filter.

On the other hand our "CEO" (he doesn't really take titles) stays humble, keeps shabbat and drives a Honda Civic, he saves money and is super frugal. He passes all savings onto PrivacyDevil customers and stays humble. He believes all people have a right to live a good life and products should be of the highest quality but priced reasonably. He flies economy and donates regularly to charity. He's got more in common with you and cares more about you than some fat cat CEO farting around in Gulf Stream private jets.

Let's take a look at the sins of 3M:

1. They were polluting the water supply Minnesota and had an ex-employee who worked at the EPA called Corrigan. Corrigan FIRED an honest whistleblower and basically tried to cover up the scandal. https://theintercept.com/2016/04/11/lawsuits-charge-that-3m-knew-about-the-dangers-of-pfcs/

2. Air pollution: http://www.jsonline.com/story/news/politics/2017/03/25/wisconsin-allows-3m-settle-pollution-case-without-paying-fine/99594774/

So that dear friends is why your next Privacy Filter should be a PrivacyDevil NOT a 3M Privacy Filter.



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