What is Coworking?

August 14, 2017

What is Coworking?

If you’re a freelance worker or lucky enough to work remotely from time to time, you’ll know the struggles that come with finding a good place to work. Often, when you’re at home, friends and family think you aren't working so constantly interrupt you throughout the day (this is even worse with kids). In an attempt to avoid the noise, you go to a local coffee shop but even here you have to scrounge WiFi and walk away hard of hearing because of the loud coffee machines. However, there is now a solution in the shape of coworking.




What is it? - If you haven't heard of this phenomenon previously, coworking involves a shared working environment in which different freelancers or home workers operate whenever they need to get some work done. Within one office, you could have thirty people all from different companies but it allows for the same office environment. As well as attending to complete some work, it can also be a chance to network with the other workers in the same office (as long as you aren't too distracting!).




In the US, the amount of coworking spaces doubled in the nine years from 2006 to 2015. With some coworking spaces, you can book a day and then turn up and find a desk to use. With electricity to charge your devices and a WiFi connection, you can operate in an office environment rather than having to drown out people trying to order a latte in a coffee shop. This being said, the most common option for home workers is a membership. For example, Regus is known for its coworking spaces across the US and even Europe. With a simple Regus membership, you have available desk space all over the world whenever you need it.




Benefits - First and foremost, you get to work in a professional environment with like-minded people. Although there can be interaction between workers, the atmosphere is generally similar to a library in that you have silence to concentrate on your work. Without having to find a public place or put a sign on the door to stop your kids from entering your office (it never seems to work!), you have your own office space.




Secondly, the whole process is affordable and secure. Depending on how frequently you plan to use the space, some facilities will offer a hotdesking option as well as proper office spaces. With hotdesking, you choose a table and chair to work in close proximity of others (don’t forget your PrivacyDevil so your laptop remains for your eyes only). With the larger facilities, you might be able to hire a small office (one room) to yourself. Of course, this won’t be necessary if you only plan to use it once a week but it can come in handy.




Thirdly, research suggests people who use coworking spaces are more productive than working at home or any other public space. Because it promotes a regular office environment, you’re there to work without any of the distractions you might experience elsewhere.




Finally, as long as you aren't too distracting, you can network with the other workers and even bounce ideas around. Before starting a survey with all the people in the room, start your conversations during a lunch break to build a relationship with the other workers. From here, you can talk about business and collaborate.




Conclusion - If you work from home often, coworking can be a great way to escape the noise and get your work done for an affordable price!