Privacy Filters for Lawyers

August 11, 2017

Privacy Filters for Lawyers

In this digital age we’re currently experiencing, the security of laptops has been a gray area for some time. Despite the billions of dollars big companies invest in their laptops and smartphones, there will always be questions of security. However, the issue can be more superficial than hacking teams operating in huge warehouses with a computer screen in every direction. Just recently, a prosecutor and defense lawyer were caught reading a judge’s phone and they were subsequently sent to an ethics class. As a lawyer yourself, how do you prevent the prying eyes of others on your own devices?




Privacy Filters - For your laptop, you’ll find no better option than a privacy filter. If you’ve never heard of these before, a privacy filter is a thin sheet of material which makes your laptop screen unreadable from an angle. Once installed, the only person who will be able to see what’s on the screen is the person right in front of it; unless you’re too careless for your own good, this should be limited to yourself.




As a lawyer, this protection is essential and might just save private information as well as your job. Below, we’ve listed the main benefits:


Keep Important Information Safe - Let’s face it, you have some extremely important, and private, information on your laptop. During a court case, whilst in the office, and sometimes in a public place, you’re likely to have this information on your screen. Rather than only opening certain windows when you’re in a locked room, a high-quality privacy filter, like PrivacyDevil, gives you confidence that the information will remain secure.




Furthermore, it’s also important to note that some of this personal information could be essential to a potential court case. For legal reasons, the information may only be available for your eyes only so having a privacy filter installed is like having your own force field around your laptop or computer screen.




Protect Your Reputation - If an unauthorized individual can walk into your office and see vital documents on your screen, this will cause horrendous damage to your reputation. Even worse, if somebody notes information in a public space like a café or public transport the damage doesn’t bear thinking about. Even whilst in a meeting with a client, they shouldn't be able to see information on your laptop even if it pertains to another course. Suddenly, they’ll think ‘I wonder if my case details are ever this visible’. With an embarrassing situation such as this, you instantly lose credibility and trust; two of the most important traits for every single lawyer.




Office Time is Limited - Despite having an office, lawyers tend to spend a significant amount of their time away from the ‘workplace’ and we know this because we’ve talked to many lawyers recently. Whether it’s visiting a client, gathering evidence for a case, spending time in court, or even on a business trip/conference/meeting. With this much time away from the office, you need your laptop by your side at all times and this increases the opportunities others have to read personal information.




Of course, you don’t want to be looking over your shoulder for the duration of a flight or waiting in an airport. Therefore, the privacy filter acts as an invisible barrier keeping you, your clients, and your job protected both now and long into the future.




Considering privacy filters are now affordable and easy to install, there’s no excuse when you think about the devastating consequences of not having one in place!