How to Travel WITHOUT a Suitcase

August 06, 2017

How to Travel WITHOUT a Suitcase

Before you try to rub your eyes or read the title again to make sure you read correctly, we did say that you could travel without a suitcase. In fact, we believe that you can travel for weeks without a suitcase and we’re going to explain how today. With a few simple steps and some clever tips, you won’t have to worry about lugging around a huge suitcase on your next trip!

Invest in a Good Backpack - First and foremost, let’s address the issue of your bag. Unfortunately, we aren't miracle-workers so can’t promise you traveling without any luggage at all but a good bag is all you need. When looking in various stores and online, we recommend going for one designed for backpacking as it should boast various compartments, zips, and secret pockets.


Depending on where you’re staying during your travels, you might also want to look for security features such as zippers and padlocks. Also, pay attention to your bag restrictions if you have a flight; you don’t want your trip to come to an end before it begins!


Packing Cubes - On the market these days, you’ll find products called ‘packing cubes’ and they make the whole packing process easier than ever before. Instead of trying to squeeze everything into your bag like a real-life game of Tetris, these packing cubes are small bags of different sizes. With cubes for your t-shirts, dresses, shoes, and anything you plan on taking, they fit into the cubes before the cubes fit nicely into the bag.


Limit Yourself - ‘I’m going traveling for a month, I might as well take my whole wardrobe and seven different types of hat’; if you can relate to this, slow down for just a moment. Unless you plan on living in the middle of the jungle, there will always be opportunities to expand your wardrobe on your travels (if necessary). By buying items like laundry detergent, sunglasses, and even a cheap hat abroad, you’re likely to save money and weight/space in your bag.


Limit Yourself Again - If you think you’ve limited yourself the first time when packing, we urge you to unpack and go through everything a second time. As you allow yourself to leave favorite sweatshirts behind, you can take only what you need and your travels will be far more efficient (and enjoyable!).

Travel-Sized Goods - When people think about traveling without a backpack, they immediately think of someone with scruffy hair, unkempt clothes, and no deodorant. Therefore, we tend to pack half of the local drugstore to compensate but this isn't necessary. If you’re worried about the first few days, why not pick up travel-sized hair shampoo, body wash, and whatever else you may need. After this, you can pick it up as you go along. If you’re in hotels, you can use the free products they tend to offer while saving the travel-sized products for an emergency. If you’ll be in a hostel or Airbnb, think about buying cheap products from the local store before disposing of them before you leave.


Sharing is Caring - If you’re traveling with a friend, utilize the combined space you have between you. Also, you won’t be needing two lots of everything; surely you can go around smelling the same for a few weeks if it means losing the suitcase? By sharing products and space in the bags, you should find it easier to travel without a suitcase.


Although it may seem impossible at first, it really is possible to travel without a suitcase and we have hopefully allowed you to do this with these simple tips!