How to Travel in Style on a Budget

August 14, 2017

How to Travel in Style on a Budget

Nowadays, the world is more accessible than ever before. With improved public transport and GPS on our phones wherever we go, we can travel whilst always in the know about nearby hotels, restaurants, and even having contact with back home without sending a classic postcard. However, many people worry about the cost of travelling. Today, we’ve got tips that will save you money and allow you to travel in style on a budget!




Book Smaller Hotels - If you’re searching for accommodation online, the first page of results will show the most popular hotels in the area. As you may have guessed, these are also the most expensive (in terms of value for money) for this very reason. Therefore, why not allow yourself to look on the second and even third page of results? As crazy as this sounds in a society that needs instant results online, the lesser-known hotels can be just as good for a much smaller price tag.




Book Packages - Next up, planning in advance will allow you to know all of your travel arrangements. Once you know this, you can book certain things together including your accommodation and travel. If you want a car on the other side, you can even add this into the bundle. Once you start booking certain items together, you’ll start saving rather than doing everything individually.




Eat Smart - Let’s face it, food accounts for a large percentage of your travelling budget; you know it, we know it, everybody knows it. Yet, it seems to be something we just accept while making sacrifices elsewhere. To start, we recommend eating during happy hour because you can save money on drinks and sometimes appetizers too. Furthermore, eating heavily at lunch can work out much cheaper than dinner so pay attention to the menus in restaurants and cafés. If you’re with a friend, why not look into ‘meal deals’ too; sometimes, even the most stylish restaurants will offer ‘2 for $20’ to get people inside.




Public Transport - For some reason, we seem to shell out large amounts on taxis when abroad or even travelling around the US. If you want your budget to run out quickly, this is a good route to choose. If you want your travels to last a little longer, try the public transport because it’s cheap, efficient, and could actually give you a chance to meet the locals.




NOTE - If you plan on using your laptop on the train or bus, make sure you have your PrivacyDevil attached so others can’t see your screen!




Free WiFi - We get it…you want to check your emails, sometimes you have to work, and those Facebook statuses aren't going to update themselves. However, you don’t have to pay for WiFi at the hotel or anywhere else. Instead, visit a local cafe and use the WiFi here. As long as you buy a small coffee or combine your WiFi usage with lunch, they won’t mind you staying for a while. By doing this, you can still travel in style but without paying unnecessary money.




Learn Simple Phrases - If you’re abroad, we highly recommend learning some simple phrases of the language. Why? As soon as locals notice a tourist and you speak in English, they know you aren't aware of the culture, currency, and can be easily confused. When you speak their language, you assume a more natural appearance and they won’t give you a hard time. Additionally, you can look in the local newspapers for accommodation that isn't catered towards tourists with lots of money.




If you can follow these easy tips, you should find it easier to travel in style but without the heavy price tag!