The best Privacy Screen Filters on the market - Guaranteed

September 23, 2016

At we take pride in our product. We use the finest material from Japan and the brightest design brains in California to create a product you will love and use every single day.

We understand privacy and have made it our passion. Follow our blog to get tips on how to keep your information secure both on and off screen. Privacy is our passion.

If you are working in public spaces or spaces with high foot traffics be conscious of your surroundings. A privacy filter will help you enjoy working in an open environment, after all that is what life is about, meeting people, working in nice open spaces, making connections. But sometimes we need some to keep somethings to ourselves. The modern work environment makes this difficult. A Privacy Screen will help. If you have any ideas on how we can improve, or new privacy products you would like to see (both hardware and software) let us know. We will make something happen.